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Contemporary challenges facing youths in the Nigerian state


Contemporary challenges facing youths in the Nigerian state

Author : Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

The youths are the lifeblood of any Nation. According to Bloomberg report, Nigerian youths represent more than half of her 180 million population.

Therefore, the challenges facing Nigerian youths are hindrances to the growth of Africa’s most populous country.

Statistics have proven that Nigerians are very industrious, hard-working and innovative. But there are some factors that poses as bottlenecks to an ordinary Nigerian youth. These problems are outlined as follows:

Problems facing youths in the Nigerian state
1) Unemployment

This is one of the main challenges facing Nigerian youths today. Unemployment has many negative effects in the life of any individual.

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When left unchecked, it results to social vices. Social vices like Arm robbery, Internet fraud, Insurgency and other criminal related offences.

Unemployment can be eradicated I the government can do the following

a) Encourage building of industries to absorb millions of unemployed youths who are unproductive and liable to commit crime

b) Training of youths to become Employable. Most youths in Nigeria are unemployed because they do not possess employable skills. Vocational skills such as carpentry, wielding, plumbing, and bricklaying should be encouraged among youths in order to empower them

c) Empowering entrepreneurs : There are many Nigerians with amazing entrepreneurship dream who has not been able to actualize those dreams because of lack of funds.

Sometimes, even lack of social amenities could pose as a threat. The government should therefore empower them with loans or grants to start up a small scale business.

d) The government should run an adult in the public service and civil service in order to checkmate high level of ghost workers. On the same note the cases of workers who are fond of lowering their date of birth should be checked.

This will enable workers to retire as at when due. It will equally create an avenue for fresh people to be absorbed into the system.

2) Laziness

A leading contemporary problem affecting Nigerian youths is Laziness. The idea of small work and big money has made a lot of them not to discover their true potentials. Most of our youths today wants to become rich overnight without working for it.

Laziness leads to unemployment ad most people draw satisfaction with just getting certificates alone and not making any effort to have a technical know-how skill.

3) Social Media

The essence of inventing social media was to bring people all over the world together. Subsequently, it is now been used to bring products, messages and News to the doorstep of people who need them.

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However, the social media has become more than that to an ordinary Nigerian youth. Social Media has served as a distraction to many Nigerian youth.

4) Drugs and Alcohol abuse

Most of the Nigerian youths abuse the use of drugs and alcohol. This has led to the untimely death of many and as well the loss of sanity.

5) Insecurity

For close to a decade, there has been increasing cases of Insecurity in the Nigerian state. There have been cases of kidnaping, arm robbery, insurgency, and militancy. The major victims of this acts are Nigerian youths.

6) Bad Governance and corruption

Most African leaders have failed to give their citizens the dividends of democracy. In most cases, the rights of citizens are being trampled upon. This has led to social, political and economic stability which have adverse effects in the lives of the youths.

7) Poverty

Poverty is defined as a state of being poor and lacking resources needed to acquire desired wants. Poverty is the end result of the socio-economic problems facing the youths in Nigeria today.

Most families find it difficult to survive and this often leads to the drop out of school by their children in a bid to aid in the survival of the family.

They end up engaging in hawking , doing menial jobs , prostitution and even robbery in most cases. Thus, the government has a role to the play by seeing to the welfare of their people and reducing poverty.

8) Poor state of Education

Most of the Nigerian youth go to school because of the certificate alone. Most of them don’t show much Interest in what they are taught because of the decay in the system.

The government should provide modern educational learning facilities that will boost the interest of the students. Lecturers,tutors and teachers should be paid their salaries as at when due in order to keep their passion alive.

On a final note, the Nigerian youths should be given an opportunity to take part in politics because the future rests in their hands.

It is the duty of every reasonable youth to get to learn technical and digital skills. Don’t just rely on your Certificate alone. Adding a vocational skill will be an additional feather to your cap.

In as much as you might be facing challenges, do not involve yourself in any crime for the sake of posterity. Remain good ambassadors of your state and country.

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