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The view of life as a Big screen and it’s underlying tendencies


The view of life as a Big screen and it’s underlying tendencies

Author: Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

The big screen is not for everyone. Everybody desires to be great and mighty. We want to get to attend grandeurs occasions and become filthy rich. We want our names to be heard, but only few people are prepared to make the necessary commitments.

Today in our society, we have allowed the internet and social media to set certain standards for us. Now I pushed to ask this question

Is there really a big screen ?

Sometimes, our greatest aspirations in life is to become popular and famous so that we will be on the lips of everyone. A lot of people are ready to do unimaginable things in order to get wealth and fame.

But, at last when you die, the whole world will still move on. The world will still continue to exist without you. So what’s the point of it all ?

True happiness and satisfaction comes from very little things that you might overlook. Take for Instance : During your childhood, what really made you to be happy ?

Playing on the sand I guess.. Running around and indulging in gimmicks without meaning any harm. Hanging around with your school mates or peers ?

An observation

If carefully observed, you will get to know that as children we had more patience than we have now. We believed in creative processing. We never allowed our background to take the better of us.

But now the reverse has become the case. I am not in anyway trying to suggest that you should go back to those good old days…No

Of course you cannot afford to do such. I am only drawing an analogy. As kids we will be humble, sociable and interactive. But during our adulthood stage, as soon as a little step up cones our way financially, we become arrogant and proud.

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Then , we will start finding it difficult to interact with our old friends and peers, all in the name of ” level has changed “

This kind of treatment can even force someone to do the unthinkable in order to belong. Now my question again is:

Is it really worth it ?

Do we have to do something bad just in a bid to survive or live an extravagant life. Are you sure you are taking the right step just to be recognized?

Lack of contentment, greed and selfishness have driven many to an early grace. Everybody wants to belong to the big screen at all cost.

There is nothing wrong in aspiring for greatness, but it must be pursued through the right source, free from illegality and diabolism

Wherever you find yourself, work hard and give your best, but not at the risk of eternity. Make good use of opportunities when you meet them, but don’t be too thirsty for it.

Mind the kind of persons you associate with. They might disguise themselves as your destiny helper, but in truth they have come to steal your destiny and star.

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Strive to live your best life and be happy rather than being on the Big screen because there is really no Big screen apart from the one you build for yourself


Remember the Bible verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So don’t belittle yourself. You were born great and you will definitely end up being celebrated if you take the right path.

Avoid shortcuts as much as possible. They might be easy, but it does not last. Concentrate more in building and growing. Wealth does not happen overnight, it takes time.

There are qualities or lessons you need to learn in your way to SUCCESS in order to sustain it when it comes. If you fail to learn them, then it will disappear before you complete your celebration.

So learn to calm down and do things gradually. No comparisons whatsoever. If your friend has already passed you in the race, then good for him. It doesn’t mean you have failed or that you cannot surpass him.

Just hold on to your principles and target. With focus, commitment and consistency, you will surely come to your own season of harvest.

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Stay away from desperation because it brings more woes. Decisions taking rashly or out of desperation ends in regrets. You cannot solve a problem by creating another problem. Remain true to yourself. Don’t hang your clothes were your hands cannot reach.

Become the real you, the original version of yourself and not a photocopy of someone else. With the right strategy in place, you will definitely break limits.

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