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How to Effectively manage and explore the future


How to Effectively manage and explore the future

Author: Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

Life is all about movement from one stage to another and everyone who wants to live to the fullest, must enrol in this journey.

To choose not to move is to remain stagnant. This is obviously dangerous as you might end up getting crushed by those who are prepared to move

We all, especially the young generation are marching into an unknown future. Unknown in the sense that things are changing on daily basis. Yet we must strive to make good out of every challenge that comes out way in life.

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Managing and exploring the future means positioning yourself to be a benefactor of the changes that comes with it and not to be a victim. In my previous articles, I have to highlight the importance of submitting oneself to the contemporary nature of our society.

We must be equipped enough to embrace trends, skills and expertise that can foster a meaningful livelihood. In order to fully explore the future and tap into it’s enormous, unpredicted potentials, one must observe the following :

1) Understand the importance of Preparation

One who fails to plan, plans to fail. It is preparation that sets the pace to a glorious future. The future will turn out to be fruitful to those that prepare for it.

Of course you must have heard about this Maxim that says proper preparation prevents poor performance. Try to make adequate planning on how you future will be.

Draw a blueprint on how you hope to achieve your greatest goals in life. Initiate a strategy that would enable you to get to your destination.

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Remember I always say this: A life without strategy ends in tragedy. A lot of people irrespective of their social status or academic qualification might become grounded in the future because they failed to understand the importance of Preparation.

2) Brainstorm, Invent and develop a vision

Vision simply means seeing oneself in the light of the future. It means creating a mental picture of what you want to achieve in the future and taken the requisite steps towards achieving them.

Seeing a vision is paramount to future exploration as you cannot prepare for a future you cannot picture.

The easiest way to foresee a vision is to go close to God. Learn from him. Allow him to use you and always read from the holy Bible. The Bible is your manual on how to exist in this world.

You cannot do without despite the fact that you might try to do so. I always tell people that the picture you capture from the scripture, helps to structure your future.

Attach yourself to the world of God. As he will not only give you a vision, he will equally give you provision.

3) Develop a list of goals and objectives

Objectives and goals are the propelling force to vision. It is a neccessary bandwagon that will move you to your target. Without goals, vision will remain a mere fantasy.

A wise man once said that life without goals is like playing football without a goal post. Goals trigger focus and focus in turn triggers concentration which in turn generates the energy for optimum performance.

So therefore, you must know where you are going in life. You must have a base and destination. Start as early as possible to map out where you will want to be in future and how you will get to that desired destination.

4) Arrest your Today

A pastor once said that what is keeping you whee you at the moment are the decisions you make. The future is not tomorrow, rather the future is now

What you do today determines what tomorrow holds for you. The seeds you sow today determines your harvest tomorrow

The steps and actions we take today determines the shape of our future. Your tomorrow reveals the actions you took yesterday. Every great future is a derivative of positive steps taken today.

Few weeks ago, I wrote an article on procrastination being a thief at night. As much as possible avoid postponing your goals.

5) Develop a sound Mindset

You are not set until your mind is set. Having a big dream about your future helps to prepare your mind and at the same time encourages you to put in more action in order to succeed.

Allow your mind to conceive great and mighty things. Believe that your future is bright and don’t let anything to discourage you. When others are seeing failures, imagine Success.

Don’t be tele-guided into believing you will not make it thus, loosing confidence in yourself. Rather position yourself with a sound mindset to victory.

6) Be Consistent and Committed

Consistency and commitment works wonders in one’s life. In whatever you are doing always show unalloyed Commitment.

Remain steadfast in your pursuit. Don’t give up too easily. Give it your best shots. Sacrifice the needed resources at your disposal. Channel all required strength to your course in order to get what you want.

The World lies await for you and failing them will be too expensive. Don’t wait any further, get to work now. See you in Glory.

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