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understanding people’s needs as a coach and business owner


understanding people’s needs as a coach and business owner

One of the things i have come to love and appreciate is the ability to Coach people and help them solve their personal and business problems.

Coaching is one of the skills that you should groom even if you are certified as a Coach, there’s no end to learning on becoming better.

The way to becoming better as a Coach is the ability to understand that people act the way they do mostly because they just want to meet their needs. Businesses do have needs as well.

Going further your understanding of the key human needs will help position you to better Coach them and their businesses. Because people will only respond to their true and basic needs.

These 5 human needs are key to reaching people. Most people have a major and minor need from the 5. Knowing this you can Coach people or build a better business model that helps people in meeting these needs.

Basic human needs

Most prominent business niches and models are solving at least one or more of these 5 basic human needs.

1) The need for comfort and certainty

Health, Legal, Making Money, Business, Real Estate Property, Wealth and Wellness Niches will need to place special emphasis in providing comfort and certainty in their marketing. As a Coach in these areas you also need to emphasize your solving this need.

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2) The need to attain significance

Any Business or Coaching niche that has to do with making money, Business, Wealth, Public Speaking, Thought leadership, Writing, Beauty and Fashion should place emphasis on solving this need to gain and reach out to their customers and clients. As these are things that helps people become prominent.

3) The need to enjoy pleasure & variety

If your business or coaching is all about Movies, hotels, sex, food, celebrity life, music, entertainment, toys, solving this need should be part of your messaging, marketing and brand materials.

4) The need for love and connection

If you are building a Coaching or business model to reach out to People who need to build healthy Relationships, get Married, do a Wedding, become a public figure, wants to be loved emphasis should be placed on solving this need.

5) The need to survive

If you are into Selling products or Coaching people for Security, Self Confidence, Self Preservation, Legal Protection, Business Protection, Self Care, Health, Wellbeing, Wellness you have to be able to communicate your abilities in solving these needs to win clients and patronage.

These 5 human needs also play out in people when they are building close relationships and patronising businesses. They get attracted to people or business offers that help them meet their basic needs.

Your understanding of people’s needs will enable you to equip yourself with the right resources with which to serve them better.

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As a coach or business owner, you need to constantly upgrade yourself in order to meet up with the demands of your prospective clients or customers.

Try building your expertise through attraction and value. Make people to have confidence in what you do or what you represent.

That way, they will be more than willing to do business with you. Above, learn learn and learn. Make yourself better in order to stand out.

For your questions, please drop it in the comment section. Kind regards.

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