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Reasons why you should never accept this kind of relationship


Reasons why you should never accept this kind of relationship


As I walked into the cinema hall to see an hilarious movie, I got shocked to see this beautiful, ravishing and gorgeous Lady in a pink short gown with a nice sexy curve at the left side of the hall with a soft drink and a pop corn.

I decided to approach her

Then, I moved closer playing it cool like the guy in the movie I was about watching.

You must be the reason I came over; thank God I choose today among other days. I must be the luckiest guy on earth. I said to her as I watch her smile like Rihana.

Good evening she replied softly. I’m Henry and you? I am Vivian, she responded.

I came here to see a movie but seeing you here, I think you must be more interesting than the movie I came for. God knows! I smiled.

Really? Hmmmmm, Henry, I don’t trust you with your cute smile, she said.

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After few hours, we became so attached like someone who have known each other for years, we talked, gist and exchanged contact like the person reading this piece or next to you would do.

Interestingly she was really a good company

She accompanied me to where I would take a cab back home and we just left each other with a lovely smile.

That night, I couldn’t sleep but thinking about Vivian all night and yes, she called that night to confirm my romantic imagination. Indeed, it was like two love birds were about to shake the space.

It was barely two months, anytime I sit close to Vivian, she would always think far! Then I asked her one beautiful saturday morning under a love garden we do sit with a nice shade and a beautiful wine.

Vivian, I have been noticing you for this past few days, you are always worried and far in thought even when we sit close.

Yes HENRY, you are right. She said. I have a confession; kindly forgive me. She continued.

She was living in the past

Ever since the breakup I told you about few months back before we met, I have been scared of getting myself involved with other guys. I truly love you Henry, but MICHEAL stole every part of me, he was my first love. I can’t get him off me easily! She said with a red eyes.

So I stared into her eyes speechless with tears on my face. Vivian, I understand you. I cuddled her so closely and with a soft kiss, we got attached in a mood like romeo and juliet will do.

After 6 months, I realized Vivian can’t still get MICHEAL off her system. She thinks often about MICHEAL like he is her life wire.

The love started FADING AWAY

Then my worried began, my love for her began to slope. Then I called her that Friday night in a nice restaurant and open up to her about my breakup.

“Vivian, I know you don’t expect this but I have to do this. I can’t cope anymore”! I need a break.

“A guy is loved when her lady thinks about him in his absence but he feels unloved when the lady thinks about someone else in his presence. I think I feel UNLOVED Vivian”!

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Therefore, I decided to end it

That night, she cried that I felt it myself but a guy has got to do what he has got to do. I said to myself. I stood up and walk away. That was the end of my relationship With Vivian.

This was Henry’s story, the manager of an Advertising media I worked with as a brand consultant few years ago.

As we laughed over it with a glass of juice on his desk. I do share with you what I found out more of a lesson to me in life and business world. STAY CLOSED.

TRUE love is real but first love can bury it. Sip that a little.

Lesson you need to learn from my story

You can share everything with a lady but if her heart is not with you, you have missed it. Is like fetching in a basket; you do waste all your years thinking it’s a spiritual problem because nothing good to show for it.

Sometimes, our mistakes are caused because we aren’t patient to ask the right questions at the right time thereby making lots of effort to make it work. We therefore lose the bigger advantage of what some questions could have done to save us a life time trauma.

Before getting involved in a relationship and getting emotionally attached; ask the right questions, observe your partner and probe her mind as possible.

Relationships sometimes are for Interview NOT for intercourse. Oh YES!

Linking the story to business

When it comes to the business sides of it;

Every business mogul has once been a frauded amateur.

Ask questions from the client while he is not engaging with your brand. He’d have a first love who has eaten deep into his business life and he is not willing to commit another fraud with you.

So you likely here responses like;

  • Let me think about it.
  • Oh, call me back please.
  • OK, let’s chat tomorrow. I am fixed now.
  • I will book you up when I need you.
  • I can’t play that risk for such price.
  • We don’t need you now.

These set of business guys might have been frauded before. Probe their minds using a DI (Dialogue instinct), they do tell you more.

Be patient

Don’t rush them, sometimes they really need time to believe you. If you can be patient enough, you do eat them RAW and BIG.

Permit your emotions to keep silence when your brain is at work.

And often times, intelligence needs your emotions to back your love, your trust and your concern. This is because;

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Sometimes, the only way to do business successfully is to show empathy to the client feelings without letting a NO stands as a barrier in the way you feel, act and respond.

Until then

Your first love has a standard ticket to take you far on a journey you never prepared for. DON’T get involved if you are not ready for the move because the tragedy is bigger than the remedy.

Love must go both ways, else it will be difficult to live with…..

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