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Learn how to attach value to what you do in order to increase your potentials


Learn how to attach value to what you do in order to increase your potentials

Exactly 3pm on Monday Afternoon; a lady sent in a message to my inbox from Gabon. Which reads:-

Good evening sir, I am a good follower of your content straight from Gabon. I need your help sir.

I have issues with my self-esteem; I lost hope in myself as a woman. People do take advantage of my low self esteem and I see myself like I am less of value to others.

This is an image I have been battling with since 12 years old when I was raped. Now am 30years old.

Getting married looks so difficult as it replay what I went through at 12 years old. I hate men with passion right now.

When messages like this comes in; I hate being religious because this person here might be more religious than I am. The only difference is the GRACE given to run this race differently.

Time :04:20pm

So here was my response by 4:20pm.

I just received your message. You don’t have a challenge, however, we shall undergo a therapy session for 7days which cost #20,000″.

Then I received a reply by 6:45pm saying:- ‘Thank you sir, that won’t be a problem, I will surely pay. Send me your account details’

Her response amazes me; I could sense someone who needs a THERAPY session urgently.

So I replied immediately; ‘You have been granted a “FREE therapy session (investment is worth 50,000)! Join using this link:-

How does this affect you reading this? Come with me, let me show you something different.


No matter how high your FEE is; there are people ready to pay for it. Don’t LIMIT your fee because of fear of the unknown.

This reveals that your VALUE isn’t genuine ENOUGH in the first place.

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Perception is interpretation. People interpret your value by your FEE and your DELIVERY.

The only thing people use in measuring value is PRICE. Once they see that your fee is too cheap, they rate your value cheaper.

Here is HOW:-

People buy food from the Aroma even before they pay. Payment has been made in their mind before it is drawn from their pocket.

Perception is attraction

Most times, there isn’t always a second chance to impress people. No matter how high your fee is, you can’t convince a client twice over a once failed value.

Once you fail once, you lose the connection.

So you can’t overcharge and under-deliver and you can’t under-charge and under-deliver. The equilibrium is to make sure that what your audience PERCEIVED is what they RECEIVED.

75% of people who will patronize your value, products or services are not those who will LIKE/COMMENT on your post but they are watching and following your content closely.

So don’t get mixed feelings when someone approaches you offline or through inbox, congratulating you for a job well done. That could be your high paying client in disguise or someone who will recommend you to high paying organizations/teams.


Just like the lady, she wasn’t my content liker or a commentator, yet she was ready to pay the price no matter the COST.

When you reduce the price/fee of your product based on what friends would say or what people might think, you limit the value of your product by 60% in the heart of your customers.

This is because people who matters don’t care (about your fee) and people who cares, don’t matter.

This simply means people who truly enjoys your product/content don’t give a damn about the cost but people whom you think and believes matters really cares about that fee and wants a deduction at all cost.

So don’t budget your value with a friendly FEE at mind.


When posting your content online, post with the desire to connect with someone who needs it in mind.

Post contents like you are meeting someone’s needs; because one day the 99% post you have given out will eventually draw that 1% person that will draw 99 customers to you.

Imagine you are recommended by just one person (1%) to an organization and eventually that opens more doors 99 times to you. This is to say CONSISTENCY is a multiplier.

Don’t be afraid to speak your price and when dealing with fee, don’t allow the small mind in you do the talking. Silence fear and approve your guts; this is your business and nobody does it better than you.

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Always remember on a final note that;

No matter how small or big your product or value is; it is your CONSISTENCY that would allow the the person/people that would pay you to consistently think about you and your service till they PAY you for it.

If you must enjoy a purposeful life, then you need to attract value; you must be able to drop whatever you have been holding earlier with those hands.

People must lose their MIND to pay you and regain their consciousness ONLY when they want to recommend you.

This is because your VALUE is non-negotiable.

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