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Ten Lucrative Business opportunities you can venture into with N50,000


Ten Lucrative Business opportunities you can venture into with N50,000

Author: Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

Knowledge is a powerful tool that one must learn to exert in order to grow in life. Ignorance on the other hand, is the mother to lack, poverty and financial instability.

Most times, the things that we give less concern, are the things that possess milk and honey. So in this article I will be enlisting some business initiatives that actually works.

Over the years, I have come to understand that you don’t just jump and start living your passion, you need money to fuel it.

So, this list would help if; (1) you need to fuel your passion or create another stream of income, (2) you’re fed up with your current business model, (3) you need business ideas for your friends and loved ones.

10 Lucrative Business opportunities

Now let’s get started :

1) General branding and Shirt Customization

People would always need customized shirts to celebrate birthdays, weddings, burials, concerts, etc. Organisations would always need branded souvenirs, stickers, furnitures, wears etc.

Team supporters also need it to show off thier team. Jude made N1.5m profits few months back from customizing Black Panther Tee-shirts.

In my early hustle days, I suggested to my Youth president to get new shirts, running it made me extra N200k profits. The average profit is 90%.

You may choose to play middle man in this business and make good profits or actually learn the simple branding skill and make mega profits.

2) Livestock farming

I usually do not advice poultry, birds are delicate and require attention. My two top livestock in terms of low startup capital, less attention and little tecnical know-how are: (1) Snail farming; just get tyres for their housing and plantains peels for their feeding, finish, the rest is light weekly maintenance.

The market is always there because of scarcity. 30k can even get you started. (2) Rabbit farming; they can even play in the living room. Very cute creatures ehn.

Some would even buy from you as pets. Also, they can give birth to so many just like Mama Nkechi.

3) Tutoring

Yeah, you read correctly. Home lesson, exam training, campus tutorials, WhatsApp seminar etc. Take teaching like you’re gisting and it would flow naturally. Don’t try to “act” a standard teacher”. Friends, you’re definitely good at a subject, and even if you’re Head-of-Olodos, you can handle primary school subjects.

Do fliers, banners and some branding with your capital. No matter your age, this is another well-paying job, either as part-time or full-time. It’s mostly in the evenings, so expect serious flexibility. It must not neccesarily be home lesson, it can be WhatsApp seminars or something. Just improvise. Trust me, people are willing to pay!

4) Bed Sheet/Bedding production

Every major state have a huge market to get materials in bulk. Go to any market around you and pick up materials. You’ll find tailors to work on it in that same market. Don’t limit yourself to just bed sheet.

There’s table cloth, handkerchiefs, boxers etc. Please never make the mistake of producing alot of products then become stucked without selling.

Always create a market demand before mass production.

5) Digital marketing

I wish you know the desperation of thousands of business looking for more sales. Without sales, there’s no business. That’s where digital marketers come in handy.

A review said 50% of the world sale would be performed online by 2020. So there’s a pressing need for this skill! N30k can buy a digital marketing basics course.

My company offers this service. N15k to register business name for better packaging. Our course covers that also. That’s it, you’re already in business.

Also, make sure any digital marketing course you pay for contains templates of proposal letters to organisations.

6) Mini Importation business

This is my personal favorites. I’ve watched broke dudes turn millionaires with this model.

My student sold a John Foster shoe to me for N45k. I pondered how he made profits as that amount seemed to be lower than other shoe stores in Abuja.

However, I stumbled on his laptop one afternoon to see a Chinese wholesale website selling it for $55 (N22k).

That’s over 100% profits The accessories you buy for N5k can be gotten for $6 (2k). Items like phones, electronics, wears, etc.

The list is endless. With less than N50k, dear you’re good to go!

7) Snacks and Drinks

The production skills are pretty easy to learn. What should distinct you in this business is your packaging and smart marketing strategy.

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Always value customer service. You may not need a shop for a start. Just have a good supply chain and show-glass if need be.

You’ll grow! Production of Smoothies, cocktail, sausage, small chops, cupcakes, chinchin etc.

Always research for the perfect snack and drink combination. If you like sell zobo and shawarma. OYO.

8) Fairly used wears

Those in Abuja, Nigeria should know a dope building beside Orji Uzor House, Wuse. The major business of the man who resides there is bulk sales of fairly used wears!

Wait, when I say “fairly used wears” I’m not talking about the heavily degraded ones you see in the market.

Most wealthy people don’t wear cloths repeatedly. So what happens to those cloths?

If Bill Gates decides to give away his cloths, I’ll bottle my pride, throw inside Lagos lagoon, collect them, and upload selfie.

My point is fairly used cloths are of different grades and you can access them with less than N50k.

9) Fruits and Grils

Grills and fruits are eatables that people usually buy on impulse. The amount of money grilled meat sellers have collected from me, it can build three bedroom flat and small swimming pool.

Fruits and Grills business just need a “strategic location”. After studying fruit business for a while, I wanted to stop going to office and just become a professional fruit seller. Make your research, it’s super lucrative.

10) Partnership

Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. Yeah, some are just meant to do the 9-5 behind the desk job. We all have that one person around us we know is very good with business.

Invest with him or her. Learn to leverage the power of partnership. It’s a soft way to get passive income.

If you have a strong will to “hustle” N50k isn’t really challenging to raise. Also, the more money you invest, the easier it is to create a system for more profits.

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To avoid unnecessary losses, don’t go into any of this businesses without a “guide” from an expert in the field.

These businesses mentioned are not get rich quick schemes. They are businesses that requires focus and consistency. And when you exert these qualities, they sky will be your limit.

What’s Next ?

I know that you would be asking yourself: what’s next ?

Just pick one of the aforementioned businesses that you know you can perfectly handle according to your choice, then make research on it, then start

If you require more guidelines, then send us a message at our Facebook page Kind regards

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