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Seven high in demand career opportunities that can fetch you 6 figures


Seven high in demand career opportunities that can fetch you 6 figures

Author : Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

Everyone keep emphasizing the importance of skills. But if you learn non lucrative ones your account balance would just be making you unhappy.

Over time I’ve mastered the art of teaching only contents I personally witness visible result, not ‘text book’ skills or some hearsay.

Also, do not expect obvious high-in-demand skills like tailoring, make up, food production etc. No, the keywords here are; unique, lucrative and high-paying.

I took time to prepare this content for your consumption and I would want my followers to start practicing what I teach them because it works.

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Now let’s go ahead to list them out…

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is all about having a deeper understanding of how your mind (neuro) and daily language (linguistic) influence your behaviour.

Apart from the fact that several corporate organisations are on a hunt for NLP Practitioners to build a perfect team, this skill help to re-programme yourselves to attain exceptional results in your lives (business, family, religion) and build highly productive relationships with valuable individuals.

With NLP, individuals “fix” their lives, leaders step up thier game and the trainers make a fortune. It’s a MUST HAVE for every entrepreneur, Coach or leader.

Depending on your best style of assimilation, you can either learn from a NLP Practitioner – Milton Tutu (N420k) or from a detailed online course (N10k) Anita Sam has access to.

Financial Service

Oh yes, the skill of managing money. The UN ranked Financial consultants as #2 most sort-after globally. The top three categories are:

Budgeting – Helping individuals and organisations map out the most efficient way to use and save money.

Portfolio Management – Investing people’s finances in stocks, bonds, forex, treasury bills, etc.

Financial intelligence – Teaching people the nitty gritties of money. Trust me, a whole lot of literates spend fortunes trying to acquire this intelligence.

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Anything ‘finance’ should be handled with ABSOLUTE DELICACY. To be successful, acquire the best training, certification and legalities.

Media Backend

While most people are hustling to acquire media FRONT END skills like photography, cinematography, etc, few others are striving to learn media BACKEND skills like video editing, graphics design, etc.

Nobody needs to tell you which category is more lucrative.

Yes, I know you have passion for cinematography (front end) and not video editing (back end), but it’s almost not possible to be great at backend skills without mastering front end.

So you still get to follow your passion and gain a leverage. OPPORTUNITY BEATS PASSION.

Business Intelligence ( BI )

JobberMan has hundreds of results on it. LinkedIn has thousands of BI jobs. The demand keeps increasingly by the day.

BI is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting information to help executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decisions.

Aside from the ‘dopeness’ in the name, it is uniquely high paying. Well, only dive here if you have some drive for business development.


Show me a badass coder that is ‘hungry’ and I’ll show you a state in Nigeria where snow falls every winter.

Coding is a good definition of ‘soft work’. But biko, if you don’t have a burning drive to gain mastery in coding don’t even start – your brain may start touching.

Coding is indeed broad. Don’t just jump into a category without proper research.

I’m very certain the following are in high demand: Blockchain Technology (the highest paid developers in the world), Java/Swift (Android/iOS language) and Python (AI and Robotics).

Content Creation and Marketing

In any sphere of life you just need this guys. From business to politics to health to sports, and so on. By content creators I mean:

  • Brand story tellers
  • Fiction/Non Fiction writers
  • Bloggers
  • Course Tutors

Also, content marketing – especially COPYWRITING and EMAIL MARKETING .

In Nollywood, if Clems Ohameze sees content marketing’s money, he’ll leave blood money.

If you don’t get clients to freelance for, this skills can be used to promote your own products and services.

There’s nothing to loose in content creation/marketing. It’s a win-win.

Sales and Negotiation

I’ve been with several CEO’s across the globe. And if I ask them of the most valuable human asset in their company, I hear positions surrounding Sales, Negotiations, Closing Deals and Marketing.

They’re the live stream of any business. No sales, No business.. Becoming a Salesman gives the highest job security I’ve personally witnessed. You’re always in business.

A trending highly profitable sales niche is Digital Marketing – especially Social Media Marketing.

I’m yet to see anybody who passed through my sales and marketing training and financially remained the same – even the ones followed by village people. My fee run in 6 figures though.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t afford it now, you have an alternative of voraciously consuming good materials you can access on sales and marketing. In no time, you’ll be in high demand.

Life sometimes could be frustrating, but don’t give up

A very frustrating state in a man’s life is when he/she tries to build a stream of income but keep hitting a block – leveraging on skills is one of the surest routes!


What do I do after reading this content in order to start earning ?

I Know this must be the question in your mind. Now to answer your question. I will advise you pick one of the aforementioned skills and start learning it immediately.

No procrastinations. Get an online course on any of these skills listed above. Make your personal research and then start learning.

Remember when you learn a particular skill, after a while the L will be removed and then you will start to EARN

The only thing keeping you away from financial freedom now is your ability to take a bold step and taking the right decision. Start learning now so you could earn later. Kind regards.

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