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Life as a pendulum bob swinging from opposite direction


Life as a pendulum bob swinging from opposite direction

Author: Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

My Entrepreneur Godfather was shot on the shoulder while driving on a cool Friday Afternoon. I sat next to him in his car.

I saw blood gushing from his neck down to all his body. I could bet the object was so sharp that the cut went really deep. I cried really hard because I didn’t know what next to do.

HELP! HELP!! HELP!!! was my scream as a little boy of 15years old.

While crying and screaming, I saw my Entrepreneur Godfather using his right hand to hold the blood back to the shoulder and using the left hand to drive.
Almost lost my mind because I thought I had lost him already. His eyes were red as I watched him hold his tears in strength.

After some Kilometers drive, we landed at the nearest hospital.The treatment commenced instantly because his money was in his inner trouser.

Words of my Godfather

Few days later, my Entrepreneur Godfather called me and said this:-

“Don’t always keep money far from you because impromptu health answers to impromptu wealth”

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He held me closer to himself again and said, “BE A CONSCIOUS LEARNER, smell enemies from distance and be very careful of friends at proximity because life might interchanged the behavior of those friends as enemies in disguise”.

“You can close your EYES when sleeping but don’t close your MIND any seconds. Be aware of your environment every minute of the day” I looked at him in the eye and thanked him for the advice.

I began to ponder

When I went to bed that night, I thought he was going to give up the next morning, for saying all those words. These words were too heavy for me at that age! I said to myself.

As I grew older and faster, I remembered everything that was said to me years ago

Even my entrepreneur father might have forgotten but he said ‘CLOSE YOUR EYES NOT YOUR MIND’. Till now, it scares me to know my mind still OPENS to those words.

Then I realized;

Whenever you face situations in life that weakens you, threatens you, SUICIDE is never an option. Death is never part of the choices available. Look beyond death and your mind will open to the true essense of living.

My observation

The quality of your life cannot be better than the quality of thought you feed it with. What grows in your mind is proportional to what you feed and water it with.

You don’t look at your bank account to know if God has blesses you. Physical eyes sees physical things and they call it LUCK.

A Spiritual mind sees spiritual things and attract them spiritually. They call it BLESSING! How they exercise FAITH is what differentiate them.

Position is not authority. What they command is different. The level of FAITH you exercise when you have nothing determines the level of authority you will carry when you have surplus.


Spiritual things are foolishness to the ordinary man because they are heavenly discerned. To allow your dreams die is SUICIDE.

To allow fear take charge of your mind is SUICIDE. To allow your GIFT get buried in silence is SUICIDE.

If you allow yourself to be controlled by low self esteem is SUICIDE. To allow poverty controls your thought process is SUICIDE.

These are greater than DEATH itself! My entrepreneur father said this to me recently;

Anytime you give accord to the things that limits or scares you, you give them CONTROL over you and the next generation coming. To silence them, CONFRONT THEM!”.


When what you see doesn’t scare you any longer. That which sees you get SCARED! Poverty, fear, low self esteem, poor instinct, negative thought, setback; I confront them always.

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At my arrival, THEY GET SCARED!When people bury you, they give you the lincense to GERMINATE! Don’t disappoint them, GROW! Let them know it’s your BIRTH-RIGHT.

Stop being scared of momentary failure which doesn’t not last forever. There is no course in life that determination cannot conquer.

Your present level isn’t your final destination. Everything happens for a reason. And that reason is only for you to learn in order to become a better person.

Fear should not limit you

Don’t allow fear to limit your potentials. Your were born to be great. No matter what life offers, don’t ever surrender. Always fight for your life.

Say no to defeat. I challenge you today to be bold and resolute. Don’t lose hope and stop doubting yourself. I assure you that Joy will come in the morning. Shalom…

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