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Understanding how Wealth is created through Attraction, Emotion and Solution


Understanding how Wealth is created through Attraction, Emotion and Solution

Author: Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

Some years ago, I was at Aba in Abia State for an academic survey cum consultation

As I arrived a nicely painted food joint, I could hear voices excitedly chanting ” pro pro ” from a distance.

When I enquired, I discovered that it was really a name used to refer to a young man besides the shop. This young man was often hailed pro because of his expertise in playing table tennis and snooker

People come together to play and stake equal amounts and at the end of the day, the winner takes the money.

Though I personally dislike betting or gambling, I was absolutely intrigued by the business model.

I decided to Approach him……

My inquisitive mind pushed me to have a conversation with this man in question. He made certain revelations that sunk into my subconscious mind.

He actually couldn’t speak English. He communicated to me in Igbo dialect. But I will translate what he said.

Of course you know I always draw my interpretations from my encounter with people.

He said people are often moved by what they see with their eyes and that one who is able to capture people’s attention could use such means in making money

At first, I couldn’t perceive any wisdom, after all, he sounded tipsy. Then I began pondering.

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Mark Zuckerberg sees wealth as NETWORKING – that’s why he owns 3 top social media networks on this planet.

To Aliko Dangote, wealth is MANUFACTURING – that’s why most Nigerians use his product at least once in 24 hours.

Jeff Bezos sees wealth as a combination of MARKETING and NETWORKING electronically. That is why people always visit Amazon to make purchases.

Then I asked myself: “Kingsley” , what does wealth really mean to you?

I opened my jotter and penned three brief points.


This is the new oil money. Just look around you, TV stations, big brands, celebrities, newspaper, movies, radio stations, mobile apps, etc.

They all thrive for one thing – ATTENTION – because the more they can capture your attention, the wealthier they become.

The youngest self-made Billionaire, Kylie Kenner did NOT become wealthy through technology, real estate or stocks.

She simply consumed a lot of attention on media before launching her cosmetic products.

Anything you leverage to drag people’s attention can easily be MONETISED.

If you can build an Instagram page of over 15k followers, host an offline event of over 250 people, grow a 10k Facebook community, start a movement or run a 20k twitter account, you should be able to generate money monthly if you play the right cards.

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How can one pull attention ?


Africa can be pretty tough, people are longing for comic stress relief. Broda Shaggi last endorsement was about N7million.


Linda Ikeji, Instablog or Nairaland’s annual revenue made my brain dance Shaku. It’s in 9 figures!


Only if you know the attention and affluence As much as I dislike Bobrisky’s controversy, he’s an eight-digit millionaire. How? He drags as much attention as he can get!

The list goes on and on. Listen, activating positive attention is the key to escaping lack.

Wealth is EMOTION

Few months back, I was at a fundraising programme. We happily donated knowing very well we were getting no profits. Why? They APPEALED to our emotions!

Of course, it’s legal to pay yourself from your Foundation/NGO because it’s a JOB for you.

Most donors are people of influence who have money to spare.

Therefore, it gives you access to these men of influence – that’s where wealth comes for you.

I’m not suggesting you start a movement, NGO or foundation just to generate wealth. That’s greed.

However, if you’ve ALWAYS had the ambitions to do so, now is a good time to start. Don’t procrastinate!

Wealth is SOLUTION

Most entrepreneurs dwell here. The reason most don’t create wealth is because they do not solve a specific problem!

Why be a general business coach, general fashion designer, a general writer? Why?

Your wealth lies in a specific target audience, not the general market.

If you provide the same solution using same strategy to the same market, the peak of your income is AVERAGE.

Always remember, an average man is the richest of the poorest and the poorest of the richest.

Never, and I repeat, never settle for less. Define your Unique Selling Point today. It’s the key to unlocking wealth by solution!

Since that day I came to the realization and conclusion that Wealth is ATTENTION, Wealth is EMOTION and Wealth is SOLUTION, my life has never been the same.

What does wealth mean to you?

There is every possiblity that to you wealth might mean a different thing. You are free to discover your own concepts and ensure it works for you

But on a more objective approach, is there any chance that what you are doing currently falls under any of these categories ?

I bet probably yes or No. But I want you to learn from this article and redirect your hustle to something worthwhile.

I always tell people that a step back is not a setback.

And, backwardness is the step you must take, when your forward step leads you to nowhere.

What are you waiting for ? Start now. For it is easier to achieve it now than later. Kind regards

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