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A guide on Why you should never become a serial Entrepreneur


A guide on Why you should never become a serial Entrepreneur

Author : Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

For those of you that has been following my articles constantly, you will notice that I love talking about entrepreneurship and business.

However, i don’t do this for any other reason but to reveal to you the secrets that most successful people out there might be unwilling to let you know.

My type of person believes in equality and human development. I believe that people deserve the right to be given the needed information which could help them achieve success.

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If it were to be in my power, I would want everybody to be rich. But notwithstanding I will always do my best to enlighten you on how best you could achieve success.

Another thing about me is that I love mingling with like minds. I mean people who think as I do. People who go to places and meet a lot of important people in the society.

I learn a lot from their stories which they always share with me. And I always draw my interpretations from their life encounters. Thus,i feel obligated to share them on this platform.

My Role model’s Encounter

One of my role models shared this story with me. I decided to write an article on it. Below is a summary of what he told me:

” Early last year, he met this beautiful lady at Kotoka International Airport, Accra-Ghana.

He tried impressing her for several minutes by talking about his numerous ventures as a serial entrepreneur.

Shun Serial Entrepreneurship

According to him : She smiled, looked at him and said: “The word ‘serial entrepreneur’ is a glorified fraud. Only few of them are actually successful, most are just confused wimps.”

He was astonished and embarrassed by this lady’s response. He thought to himself :But who does this lady think she is? Well… He later found out.

” She continued with a calm face . “I use to have a lot of ideas, plans and business rushing through my spine.

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I failed in some, I succeeded in others. The word serial entrepreneur comforted me. Then I discovered that top 100 richest individuals are actually known for a winning business before diving into others.

Learn to stick to one business and grow

My journey to stick to one business over the past 3 years have made me appear on Forbes list. Till date, I regret not consistently focusing on one niche early enough.

That’s when I understood I’ve had the wrong approach to life all these years. She was about saying more, but was interrupted

“The Gulfstream is now ready for take-off ma’am, no need flying commercial. Let me take your bags to the private jet wing.” A mean-looking airport official interrupted.

She then had to leave. But my role model immediately Googled the name she mentioned on her way out.

According to him, he exclamed “Blood of Habakkuk! .

All this while, he has been blabbing to Anerlisa Muigai, a Kenyan Billionaire who runs Nero Company.

He left that place with mixed feelings. Felt foolish and inspired at the same time. So he decided to focus all his energy on a single project last year.

Buy Anerlisa’s idea

Be like Anerlisa. Converge all your energy on one thing till you conquer it. Just one. Don’t fight the advice. All successful individuals I know live on this mantra. Will you?

Sometimes we get a lot of ideas and we would want to execute them all at once. It works sometimes, but most times it doesn’t.

All you need to do is to pick one idea or niche from your list based on your intuition, then work on it and let it grow before you think of another.

First focus on growth before you diversify

Don’t be carried away by the extraordinary profits that might come your way if you end up executing all at once…No

Rather focus on one at a time, grow and build it, then you can expand it.

Becoming a serial entrepreneur could throw you off balance and cost you your victory or even delay it.

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To be on a better pedestrian, focus on one business venture at a time. Gather your available resources and ensure it reaches an intended height.

The more resources at your disposal, will enable prompt growth. Shun serial entrepreneurship and embrace a focused entrepreneurship strategy.

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