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What to do next immediately after high school in order to have a purposeful life


What to do next immediately after high school in order to have a purposeful life

Author : Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

Life is a race which many people embark on, but few have managed to return back Successful. Life is expected to be planned strategically in order to avoid a tragic end.

Every high school graduate needs to understand that life really begins after their graduation. There are lots of work to be done and that is what am going to reveal in this article. Just ensure you read to the end.

It is evidently clear that graduating from high school is a very big fit achieved and therefore calls for celebration. But the truth of the matter is that there are still lots of work you need to do.

Let your celebration go with thinking

Personally, am not against your celebration, but in the midst of that, you should ask yourself certain questions. Let me itemize the questions you need to ask yourself and as well try to answer them

  • What will be the outcome of my result ?
  • What is the next step in my life ?
  • Where do I go from here ?

Graduating from high school simply means that you have entered into a new chapter of your life. A chapter filled with new challenges, new ladder to climb, and lots of uncertainties.

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I strongly advise that at this point of your life, while you await for your result, engage yourself in a work or skill that can be fetching you money to carter for certain of your needs.

Leaving high school is an indication of a developing independency

Parents usually feel happy when their children leaves high school, but at the same time they soon start to see their children as developing independent adults.

At this point, they might start saying No to some of your requests and needs. That is the more reason why you need to look for something genuine to do.

Let me tell this, the outcome of your life now depends on you. Where you are going to be in the future is now dependent on the decisions you take now.

A life without strategy, might end in tragedy

A life without strategy, ends in tragedy. You need to sit and brainstorm. Find out the next road you are going to take.

Design your blueprint on how you are going to get to your destination. Don’t say that there is still time..No, there is no need to start now..

Some of you will be opportuned to go to college immediately after high school, but my candid advise to you is for you to look for something to do while in college in order to support the one been given to you by sponsors.

Skill acquisition is very important

Acquire a skill that will help you in the future. Don’t just proceed to college as a burden or as a dependent, rather empower yourself positively.

Be mindful of what you do now. Don’t involve yourself in any form of evil because whatever you do now will always come back to hunt you in the future.

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I believe you must have heard about Karma…it is real, it exists and it is not a joke. Stay away from trouble, and don’t do anything that is not approved by God.

Beware of bad companies

Mind the company you keep . Stay away from bad friends. Friends who will influence you negatively.

Always remember that your academic journey has just begun, so don’t dump your books totally. Once in a while, ensure you read something to keep your brain alive.

If you are yet to have a personal bank account, then go and open one immediately. This will enable you to start saving money because you are growing into an adult or already an adult.

Develop a saving habit

Don’t spend carelessly. Only spend money when it is necessary. Don’t try to compete with anybody because destinies are not same. Live your life according to your abilities and not by comparisons.

Relative with people that possess positive value. People who can help you tomorrow. Someone who is above you.

In order words, get a mentor and learn from him or her. Try as much as possible to avoid demanding relationships. Focus me in building your life.

Above all,be very close to God and always read the scriptures because it possess all the required instructions to SUCCESS.

As you grow, make sure you learn lessons that will help to keep you at the top when you must have reached your target. As you abide by these series of experience borne advise, may God bless you and be with you.

For your questions, drop them in the comment section. Kind regards..

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