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Tips on how first year students can survive a college life


Tips on how first year students can survive a college life

Author: Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

Gaining admission into a college ( university, polytechnic, college of education ) brings a student to an entirely new environment.

A huge difference exists between a high school environment and a college environment. The way things are done in the aforementioned are not the same.

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Thus, there is the need for 100 level ( first year ) Students to be resolute and imbibe certain behaviours in order to graduate with flying colors.

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Secrets of a successful academic life in college

There are things every first year student is expected to do in order to avoid hitting rock buttom. These things are listed out below:

  • Don’t ever miss lectures

Ensure that you are always present during classes and as well endeavor to listen attentively to your lecturers.

  • Avoid the back seat

Most students prefer sitting at the back because of fear of answering questions. Do not take that path. Always sit where you can easily hear your lecturer clearly.

  • Ensure you do your assignment always

Assignments serve as part of Students’ Continuous assessment. As much as possible, ensure you don’t miss any of it.

  • Never miss a quiz or test

Whenever a date is fixed for a quiz or test, ensure you are present in class and take part in it. Make adequate preparation for the test by reading.


Don’t always think that your lecturers will announce date for test. Some of them gives impromptu test. So always be prepared at all time.

  • Make sure you buy lecturer’s handout, course material or textbooks

The truth of the matter is that these items are very important to the lecturers. In fact the attach marks to it. So failure to buy means that you have lost the mark attached to it. And students who fail to buy are sometimes been hunted down by the lecturer. To be on a safer side, please buy.

  • Mingle with intelligent co – Students

It is no doubt that birds of the same feather flock together. If you desire to improve on your academic ability, then always hang out with the intelligent ones. Sometimes, you would understand the explanation of your coursemate over that of your lecturer.

  • Be on the good books of your class Representative

In high institution, every class is been represented by a student from that class who was duly elected. He or she is often called a “COURSE REP”. This is equivalent to a class prefect in high school.


Ensure you cooperate with him. As much as possible, be friendly with him. He is responsible for meeting lecturers on behalf of the students. He serves as an intermediary between lecturers and Students

  • Don’t ever challenge your lecturer

Your Success in any course you are offering in a semester rests in the hands of the course lecturer. So don’t ever let yourself to be considered an enemy by your lecturer.

  • Avoid and shun cultism

The worst mistake you can ever make in college is to accept being a member of a secret cult. This is because it always ends in regret or even death. So avoid such evil.

  • Don’t allow yourself to be negatively influenced by your roommate or corner mate

Be mindful when choosing your roommate because if you choose the wrong person, he or she will definitely lead you astray.

  • Avoid examination malpractice and impersonation

The above mentioned can cause you to be expelled from an institution. So therefore avoid them like a plague

  • Monitor your G.P

One thing is to graduate and another thing is to graduate with a good result. Take your studies serious in order to graduate with at least a 2:1 or upper credit.

  • Avoid carry overs

In colleges, when Students fail a particular course in a semester, they are expected to retake the course in the next academic session.


This on its own destroys the students G. P. So please avoid it.

  • Take part in extra curricular activities

You need to pass through the college and allow they college to pass through you. Try to take part in social activities in order to boost your social behavior and the way you interact with people.

  • join a campus scripture union

Many people might not understand the importance of this, but it is quite pertinent in ensuring a successful stay in campus. It will enable you to build a strong moral capacity and as well give you the ability to withstand certain temptations. So please join one.

  • Ensure you make all necessary payment to your institution

It is no longer news that in some institution, if you have not paid your school fees, your will be sent out during examination. So as much as possible pay up on time to avoid such distractions and embarrassment.

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On a final note, try as much as possible to avoid keeping late nights and ensure you develop a personal study timetable which you will use in reading.

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If you have any questions to ask, drop it in the comment section for quick reply. Kind regards.

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