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Steps involved in getting screened into Nigerian institutions after gaining admission


Steps involved in getting screened into Nigerian institutions after gaining admission

Author : Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

The COVID-19 era has brought about an array of unprecedented change in the academic sector. The conventional way of handling admission process have changed in certain institutions.

As we are all aware, not all institution takes post UTME. Some of the institutions grants students admission through the use of their JAMB score.

Nevertheless, immediately after gaining admission into a university, polytechnic or college of education, the next step will be to undergo screening.

What is screening ?

Screening is an exercise initiated by universities, polytechnics and colleges of Education used in ascertaining the authenticity of a student’s credentials. It is designed to check the validity of the information submitted by the student.

This process takes place immediately after one must have gotten admission and prior to matriculation.

If a student has been satisfactorily screened, then he or she obtains a matriculation number after making the required payments. Thereafter the Student in question becomes qualified to matriculate.

What is Matriculation all about ?

Matriculation is an annual ceremony held in high institutions of learning for the purpose of inducting new students into the institution.

During matriculation, Students submits their oath of allegiance to the institution. They will use such means to promise the school to be of good behavior through out their stay.

The ceremony is been attended by the chancellor, vice Chancellor, deputy vice Chancellor rector, deputy rector, provost, Deans, head of departments, academic staff, etc.

Difference between a vice Chancellor, a rector and a provost

The head of a university is called Vice Chancellor, the head of a polytechnic/ monotechnic is called Rector and finally the head of a college of education is called Provost.

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Deans are head of schools, colleges or faculty depending on the name given to it by a particular institution.

A faculty, school or college is a collection of interrelated departments. Example: faculty of medicine in a university comprises of all the department offering medical related disciplines.

Distinction between convocation and Matriculation

Convocation is quite different from matriculation. Convocation is an annual ceremony held and organised by higher institutions of learning to carry out the graduation of their students.

During convocations, graduated students are been issued their main certificates to replace the statement of result initially given to them.

Also, it is at convocation ceremonies that institutions give out honorary degrees to choice personalities in recognition of their contribution to Education and human development.

Required documents needed during admission screening in high institutions

Now let’s get directly to the cheese. During screening, there are some important documents which the newly admitted Students needs to present to his screening officer in order for his or her admission to be ratified.

Below is a list of the required credentials

  • SSCE O level Result.

Your WAEC, NECO or GCE is your O level (ordinary level) result which you must take along for the admission process.

If it is up to four years you wrote the O level (ordinary level) examination, you will have to present the original certificate of your result not a statement of results.


If you don’t have the original credentials, (for those who just wrote the exam) you will be screened with the computer print-out and O’level statement of result…

You can use one or two O level result depending on the University policy. You can use a combination of WAEC & GCE result, NECO & WAEC result, GCE & NECO, 2 WAEC result, 2 GCE result, 2 NECO result to gain admission.

  • Correct Subject Combination

To gain admission, you must PASS the required secondary school subjects in your O level examination and also the required secondary school subjects in JAMB UTME.


During your departmental screening exercise, these combinations will be checked thoroughly.

Use the search box below to check your preferred course O level and JAMB subject combinations.

  • A level Certificate.

A level (Advanced level) Certificate for those who want to pass through Direct Entry. IJMB, JUBEB, CAMBRIDGE, HND, NABTEB and NCE

  • School leaving testimonial ( Not applicable in all schools )

You are expected to present your Testimonial during the screening process. If you’re using a WAEC or NECO result, the school name must tally with the name on your School Leaving Certificate. If you’re presenting a GCE result, no issue, but you must still present a Testimonial.

  • Admission Letter

You will also present your Admission Letter or original JAMB result during screening. You can get JAMB original result at a cyber cafe.

  • Birth Certificate (DOB)

This is very important during screening. Ensure that your birth date tallies with the birth date written in your other certificates.


If you don’t have a birth certificate, you should go and swear an Affidavit in a Magistrate Court and make sure your name corresponds with your O level / A level result.

  • The Local Government of Origin Certificate

This Certificate is very important for screening especially in a State University because it gives you an identity and other benefits such as Scholarship.


You can get the Certificate from the office of your Local Government headquarters

  • Acceptance Fee Receipt

Don’t even think of the screening till you pay up the acceptance fee. The receipt might be required before you’re issued the screening form.

In conclusion, if the name on your Birth Certificate differs from your O level / A level result, you will be required to publish the correct name on a newspaper publication or through a means made available by the University.

Take Note

You may be required to submit Letter of Attestation from your, parents, guarantors or sponsors. Your Date of Birth must tally with your O level / A level result. You will also pass through a thorough medical checkup including blood and urine test.

Don’t wait until you finish admission screening before you start attending lectures. You may spend your first semester on this process. Be wise. Until you’re giving Matriculation Number, you’re not a student of the university.

If the information or result you uploaded during the course of application does not tally with the one you presented during screening, then your admission might be revoked. So be careful when entering your details during registration.

I wish you all the best throughout your stay in your choice institution. Drop your questions in the comment section. Kind regards.

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