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Adopt the Mohammed going to the mountain strategy to becoming Successful


Adopt the Mohammed going to the mountain strategy to becoming Successful

Author: Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

I know that my audience will keep on wondering why am always talking about entrepreneurship. The truth remains that the only true shortcut to SUCCESS is entrepreneurship.

It has been proven that a life interwoven round business always brings back bountiful harvest. That is when executed in the right way.

A role model of mine shared a story with me on how he got a call from his entrepreneur father. Without mincing words, this is was the narrative he gave me :

A short story

My entrepreneur father called me yesterday evening after a long distance communication.

It was the same moment I thought of calling him since it being a while we talked on phone.

I told him how my heart has been yearning towards calling him even before his call came in.

He smiled and said; SON, I will tell you the magic behind success today. Get your notepad and I will call you in few minutes”, then he dropped.

I waited for his call then decided to call back

Few minute after, I anticipated for his call but didn’t hear from him, so I decided to give him a call. He asked why I called him since he told me to wait for his call.

In low tone, I said “I am sorry sir, I thought maybe you are short of credit or perhaps you have forgotten since it’s getting close to 10minute now”!

Then he said SON:- You gave an EXCUSE on my behalf that was why you called. Brilliant one!”

Get the logic

Here is the logic:- You see in life, there are certain things you needed from life that you believed they will come towards you after a long wait and hardwork. If you don’t see them approaching you, MAKE EXCUSE ON THEIR BEHALF and go and meet them.

Perhaps, they have forgotten they promised coming to you. Perhaps they have forgotten you are on the list of hard and smart entrepreneur they needed to answer, if you don’t see them on time, MEET THEM!

If Success refuses to come to you, then go out and meet it

I purposely delayed calling you, to know how badly you needed to hear from me. The same way, SUCCESS can delay it reponse towards you to know how badly you needed it, don’t wait for it, make excuse on it behalf for not coming and GET CLOSER TO SUCCESS!

I have been thinking of calling you, likewise you. This is the way millions approach MILLIONAIRES.

Those millions are not far from you, use your MIND to bring them closer to you. Divide a million by a thousand, then you will see the result in thousands.

Multiply those thousands back, they will give you back the million. In reality, Million isn’t far to achieve, all you need is BREAK it down into pieces and start leveraging on those pieces.

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Think millions

If your mind can’t comprehend Millions, your eyes will never see it either. For money to approach you, you have to constantly think about it, not with a bad feelings but with a good feelings!

Anything you think about and you feel bad about it, you REPEL it! Also, anything you think about and you feel good towards it, you ATTRACT IT!
Look at these beautiful houses I have. I constantly think about it, dream about it and with a good feeling, I started attracting it. I didn’t go to school like most graduate in my days did, but MONEY only attract those who have good feelings towards it NOT those with good certificate.

Don’t allow your lack cause you to develop bad feelings

Son, you will get everything you need in life, FIRSTLY, if you don’t allow your present LACK cause you to have a bad feelings towards great things.

Remember I said I thought about calling you most times and you also have the same feelings, it means:-

All you needed from life also needed you in return but one person has to take the MOVE and sometimes, the person has to be YOU!

Never feel bad when you lack anything good, because when you do, YOU REPEL THEM!

Learn the law of millionaires

Millionaires knows this law, that’s why they hardly sit and feel sad about the risk they took that went wrong. They are always HAPPY towards the millions coming in soon.

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Your kind of woman, your kind of man, your kind of house, your kind of job, your kind of environment/location are all function of HOW OFTEN YOU KEEP THEM IN MIND with a good feeling.

You can call this law of attraction but I call this LAW OF GROWTH; SON, grow your mind after I drop this call.

When what you are expecting isn’t forth coming, don’t feel sad rather build happiness within you and it will bring it into reality!

Work on the magic

Now, work on this and see the MAGIC in it. Have a productive day SON and my regards to everyone around.

This was the narrative he gave me on what transpired between him and his entrepreneur father.

Significance of this story

In a nutshell, don’t let your excuses become your weakness. Don’t always wait for Success to come to you, go for it if it is really important to you.

My second story

I had a privilege of meeting a highly profile entrepreneur who owns a HOTEL.

He happens to be my client who got my details online. He gave me an appointment at exactly 11am. After meeting him, we discussed on some certain areas he do need my consulting session and how he can expand digitally in the global space.

Some few minute after, he entertained me with a non-alcoholic wine, he placed two cups in front of me and pour the wine inside it.

He asked me to take one while he takes the other one. I looked at him being confused but to respect his decision, I took a cup.

He took his own cup and drank it immediately. After few minute, he laid his head on the table.

I became afraid and frightened

What could have gone wrong, I became nervous. Excuse me sir……excuse me sir…….” I said in despair yet he didn’t respond. I became worried, I haven’t seen something like this in years, my heart beat faster.

Within few minute of my heart-acceleration, he raised his head up and said; This is how to spend years in JAIL without being guilty.

This time, my eyes reposition to his lips and I became focused.

He continued;


“Between the time I poured this wine and the time I drank it determines where you spend your NEXT LIFE”.


He said see; Never do business with people that entertain you with drinks in their office on the first date.

Your unawareness can be your dead end. Tie all loope holes”. Don’t discuss partnership profit with a friend in private, his mind can be faster than your honesty.

Never do partnership business with a married man; his wife controls his mind and attack your speed. No matter how innocent you are with him, you will always be guilty in the presence of his wife.

Then he went into the freezer and got another bottle of wine, poured it into the two cups again, this time, they were filled up while the bottle became empty immediately.


He said, Your business is like the cup, you are like the bottle. The more wine you pour inside that cup, the lighter the bottle and the heavier the cup.

Get younger but make sure your business looks wiser. How can I ever recover from this man’s wisdom, I said to myself.

This time, I changed my sitting posture. It’s from this perspective you capture your audience/clients alive and eat them raw. He continued.

The point

Any business that doesn’t look wiser than it owner can’t attract wealth for it OWNER.

My HOTEL business has many slot in it. From the BAR, to the POOL, to the HALL, to the GAME center, to the GYM SPOT, to the LODGE rooms are all strategies that allows people see it as FUN, but I convert that fun into CASH!

No matter what business you do, you must have a PIPE sales strategy! All pipe must be channeling something into the organization.

Then he stopped and said, “I like young guys with skills. I love your entrepreneur Dad you talk about more often online. See me as your HOTEL-PRENEUR DAD! He said.

I couldn’t just believe I had this privilege of meeting a phenomenon and highly profile man like this.

Keep doing what you are doing, someone is watching you closely without saying anything

Indeed, you have no idea who is watching you from afar. Take this home carefully,

Keep shooting your shot, you will miss target, you will fail many times, you will get injured, you will cry often, you will get depressed, frustrated and bittered, always let your HUNGER TO CONTINUE BE STRONGER THAN YOUR DESIRE TO QUIT!

So he got back to the PROPOSAL details of my consulting guidelines on his table and said, “Let’s work on this immediately”.

I am honored to be honored sir. I said to him gently. While waiting for your LIGHT to shine;

Interpretation of the second story

ON‘ your CANDLE!. This is the time you have to get things moving in your life. You have got to start working on that dream project.

Aspire to be inspired before you expire.Go for that particular dream that causes you to be awake at night. Remember a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a step. Start now…..

Please feel free to drop your questions in the comment section. Kind regards.

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