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I.T skills you should learn now in order not to be disconnected in the future


I.T skills you should learn now in order not to be disconnected in the future

Author : Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

The world is characterized of dynamism which has led to the birth of several new things. Our method of doing things in the past has changed.

With the knowledge of this, it will be wise if we conform to the products of this new era in order not to be cut off.

In recent times, there have been the Introduction of several electronic platforms which are all designed to ease the life of man .

Whether you are fresh out of school and considering your degree options or are looking to switch careers, this post is for you.

Amidst the current change in the world order, there are certain questions which needs to be asked and probably answered.

What are the best jobs that will be in Vogue in the future ?

  • What are the best skills that one need to acquire now in order to prepare for tomorrow ?
  • What area of Specialisation or category is best suited for one looking for job ?
  • Do I really need a conventional job or do I go for a work from home job ?

These are questions that you really need to ask yourself, and in this article I am going to take time to give you a perfect answer.

It is no longer news that things have changed. At least this period of COVID-19 have opened everybody’s eyes and I believe we recognize the fact that there are things we need to do that we are yet to do.

Undeniably, the world is going digital and without fear of contradiction, it is evidently clear that very soon Computer aided devices will replace manpower to a point of 80%

It has already started. Today we now have E-LEARNING, E-COMMERCE, E-BOOK, E-BANKING, E-MARKETING, etc. This is a strong indication that everyone needs to get himself/ herself equipped with the uncertainties of the future.

Jobs in the future

Below you can find ten of the best jobs of the future. Some of these jobs are already available today, but they are tipped to stay around for decades.

  • Blockchain developer

Most people are not familiar with blockchain technology will have still heard about it – usually its association with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, Tron, etc

Digital currency has been tipped to revolutionise the banking industry. It is time you invest your time and resources to that sector.

  • Virtual reality technician

From marketing departments to video game developers, virtual reality is going to be a cornerstone moment for the job market and the whole of society. If you want to get started,

  • Coders

Coding is fast becoming one of the most sought-after skills for technology companies and between researcher groups.

It has caused some European and American countries to add coding to the primary school curriculum.

Learn to code

There is no doubt that coding is going to pave the way for new jobs in the future.

But as it may take some time for those primary school kids to reach the job market, there is an obvious gap which needs filling for the immediate coding market.

So, if you want to seize an opportunity, now may be the best time ever to get into coding.

Start your development by searching for the best online coding courses. Click here to gain access to a beginners guide in Coding

  • Ethical hacker

Whenever the word hacking is mentioned, most people usually think of the negative aspect of it. But sorry to burst your bubble, there is actually a positive aspect of hacking called Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is already a job that many people do today, but this job is sticking around for the long term.

The only way that ethical hackers, otherwise known as white hat hackers, will disappear is if the internet disappears and is replaced with something else.

That doesn’t look like a reality in the near future, or ever, meaning ethical hackers are not budging.

  • Big data analyst

Data analysts are going to become the new leaders in the niche of businesses development.

Every organization needs data

And they are already taking over the department thanks to big data and the ability to analyse huge amounts of information for the benefit of their employers.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is much further along the process compared to virtual reality. With Elon Musk talking of putting chips in peoples’ heads to create superhumans, the possibilities of AI technology really do open your eyes.

But AI is not just about creating a new generation of human. It can be about making functional robots and enhancing business processes.

The developments in AI are almost limitless, which means these types of jobs aren’t going anywhere fast

  • Data inspector/detective

The laws around data handling and data privacy are growing by the decade.

There is so much interest in our personal data because it can be used by marketing teams to help them sell, and by political departments to help them create targeted campaigns.

  • Data brokers

Earlier we discussed some new jobs that data will create, and here is another.

Just like brokers exist today by helping deals for commodities pass through seamlessly, the broker world will be rocked with a new type of broker – the data broker.

The idea behind data brokers

The idea is simple. These data brokers will be responsible for facilitating business agreements between data companies and those who want to buy chunks of data.

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They will make sure the buyer gets their data and that the selling company receives their money. All the while making sure that the data is not shared further, maintaining the integrity of the new data market.

  • Augmented reality developer

The reason for the success of augumented reality is because it was completely innovative to the mobile gaming world.

Augmented reality changed the face of gaming and set a new bar, but it is proving effective in other industries like fashion, where augmented reality wardrobes enable you to try on clothes from home.

The uses for augmented reality are growing and that means there is a new call for developers with expertise in this niche of technology.

  • Drone expert/pilot

Drones are becoming more useful and popular by the day. They can help us provide medical supplies safely, assess building structures with ease and are revolutionising delivery services.

Drones are becoming part of society’s furniture and are only going to become more present over the next decade.

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With that in mind, drone experts will be needed to manufacture these machines, maintain them, and arguably the most fun job of all – fly them.


Another area you need to start looking at is Entrepreneurship. In other words, starting your own business.

If you have an idea or business dream, there is no better time to learn the entrepreneurial ropes and give your idea a chance to succeed than now.

Learn an I.T skill

So I advise you acquire an I.T skill now that will keep you connected to the future. Take for Instance, the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s lockdown.

Numerous people lost their jobs in the process, some did not receive salary for months. But amidst these challenges, online internet workers were unaffected. Instead they made more profit .

An ample opportunity has come, grab it and give yourself the necessary knowledge which is needed for the future.

A word the say is enough for the wise. Drop your questions in the comment section. Kind regards.

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