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Factors to consider when choosing an institution for your degree programme


Factors to consider when choosing an institution for your degree programme

Author: Kingsley Mayor Omenaiko

Immediately after high school, it is expected that a student continues his or her academic pursuit by proceeding to the university.

Though certain students don’t get to gain admission immediately. Some might choose to give themselves one year before entering the university.

During the period of this one year, he or she might choose to engage in working or skill acquisition, which I personally recommend.

What criteria do I need to put into consideration while choosing an institution for my degree programme?

The question on ” how to choose a university ” is very important, because as an intending Students of a particular institution, you need to know more about your choice institution.

Before making this choice, there are certain criteria you need to consider. Your just about to find out those factors which must be considered before you choose a particular institution as your choice.

The choice you make when choosing a university will shape your immediate future. It will determine who you meet (maybe even your future spouse!) what skills you will develop and opportunities you can seize.

Would my choice institution have an impact in my life ?

Therefore, it is a crucial decision that has a lot of impact on the rest of your life. And that, as we know, is quite a lot of pressure.

Choosing a university in 2020 is different from the norm because of the recent pandemic and ongoing social distancing measures.

Most institutions been too small in land mass poses a huge threat to social or physical distancing. Unavailability of lecture halls which has led to overcrowding.

Thus, there is the need to make research and take survey in order to choose an institution that best fits your specifications and as well your chosen discipline.

How to choose a university

  • Consider your course and future

Choosing a university is likely to centre around the course you want to do and the career you wish to have after graduation.

Not all universities offer the same courses so you will need to investigate which ones do offer the degree you need.

  • University ranking on your choice course

Look up the course and university position on respected rankings. You could try to contact current students on that course to get their experiences and feedback

  • Online and remote learning options

University courses have always had a remote learning aspect to them, usually in the form of blackboard where course notes and announcements are published, or where recorded lectures are made available.

These types of platforms may be used even further due to the recent pandemic, with some universities reducing the number of lectures and swapping them for online learning.

  • University location and campus location

The city or town of your university will probably hold a lot of weight in your decision.

You might prefer to live and study in a vibrant busy city.

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The location may be important for an array of reasons, including but not limited to:
  • Travel time back home
  • Travel time to a weekend job
  • Social scene and nightlife of the location
  • General atmosphere and local amenities/venues
  • Whether you prefer a campus university or one located around a city

Remember to check the campus location of your course and not just where the university is predominantly based.

  • Think more about the social scene

The social scene is one consideration that usually gets a lot of attention.

Nobody wants to go to university in a boring city with few bars and no cinema or special events throughout the year.

  • Extra-curricular activities and sport

Going to university is not only about studying and preparing for a career. It is about character building, making friends and getting involved with things you are passionate about.

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You should also check out what else is in the area not connected to the university.

  • The financial aspect

This aspect is very important because it is a general notion that you place your clothes where your hands can reach. So be very careful when choosing institutions of study.

For the sake of not having to drop out on the way, choose a university that you or your parents can afford.

Study and work

I always advise students to look for something to do while in school in order to support themselves financially. Do not depend on your parents wholly.

As much as possible, ensure you have a skill at least before entering the university or get a job that you can easily manage with your school hours. The era of over dependence on parents is far gone.

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If you friends will influence you negatively, then don’t choose any instruction they are already attending, choose something else.

For many people, choosing a university is the first major life decision they make that’s entirely their own.

While guides and recommendations can provide factors to consider, the entire decision making process should be yours.

In conclusion, choose any institution that conforms to your mental and psychological personality. Avoid institutions where there are high incidence of cult activities.

My final advise to you is to remain focused while you are in school, that is after you must have gained admission in your choice institution.

Stay away from friends with negative mindset. Focus on your studies in order to graduate with a good grade. Monitor your CGPA from day one and ensure you are always present in class.

Goodluck in making your choice. If you have any questions, drop it in the comment section. Kind regards.

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